Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's our anniversary.

Anniversaries were created so that people can remember really important, often wonderful moments in their lives. Anniversaries are celebrations, and that's why I think it's important that people pick a day that they actually want to remember, especially when it comes to planning something as ridiculous as a wedding. I don't understand why most people pick an entirely new day to plan such a big event when clearly it should be the day it all began, the minute two hearts were sealed as one. You could get food poisoning and spend the wee hours of the morning with body-seizing, flu-like symptoms on your big day, and that can truly suck, but if you picked a day that was already special, at least you have that. I hate it when I hear my married friends complain about how it rained on their wedding day when the almanac clearly estimated that Sunday, June 22nd to be a perfectly sunny day. Ugh, that's not how love works. Anniversaries are reminders, and they are incredibly vivid as far as memories go, so be smart about it.
We selected our anniversary together. We were eager to have our first year, so we handpicked the day we so much wanted to keep in our hearts forever. This is why I like us, and always will. On October 13th, 2006, we fell in love. It was a Friday the 13th, and I so badly wanted to throw a Halloween party, especially on a Friday the 13th, so I did, and told everyone to get dressed in an outfit they would be buried in. Deepal's was my favorite. Being from India, he came wrapped in a white sheet with white powder on his face, and cotton plugging his nostrils and ears- ready for cremation on giant pyre. I remember thinking how amazing it was to have him dressed like this amongst the so many suits and dresses. You came as you are, no costume, with a bit of a party crasher air about you. You went straight to the dance floor, there was a whole bunch of us dancing together, and you joined right in. I thought you were perfectly confident, and instantly likable. The party went on, and I lost sight of you. Then I went outside to get some air, and be alone. I wanted to look into the dark sky and smile, to quietly thank my lucky stars for having brought me to this funny, little town in Northern California. I didn't realize you had gone outside just moments before me. I caught you just as you were leaving. You were so happy to see me! I was so happy to see you! It felt so natural, like we already knew each other incredibly well. That's when our eyes made true transmission, and it started. POW!

I love you, Adrian. Happy Anniversary from here on Earth.