Wednesday, July 12, 2017

lists 1

I can burp on command.
I have exceptional business instincts.
I have incredible endurance.
I can stick my whole fist in my mouth.
I cook tremendously.
I know how to dance.
I can learn from my mistakes.

Friday, July 7, 2017

A Certain Amount Of Dog Nipples

Each emotionally rendered panel stumbling
towards the truth slightly cautioning, protect your 
heart, heal your troubles, and 
with the blessing of fate and fortune moving 
toward an ornamentation of color, 
adorns the reins of two lovers, 
a rainbow of blessings, the details
written long ago in the book of
secrets not for the faint of heart.  
all the magic in the world can't take this pain away

I blew up eggs today.

I've have failed at boiling eggs three days in row.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

I want to be the Sally to your Rusty. 

why I can't have close relationships with my family members

I once overheard my 42 year old brother tell a friend of his that women over 45 are no longer attractive.

My mother once said she wished she never had kids.

My sister yells a lot but denies that she yells.

The same day I heard my brother say that women over 45 are not attractive he also said there's nothing wrong with trying anything once...except homosexuality.

My father once when he hit me, I asked him why he hit me, and my sister said it was a joke.

My sister smokes but denies that she smokes.

Women are beautiful. My brother is an idiot.

I guess I see her point.

My sister needs someone to talk to. I think that would help.

I think everyone's born a little queer but some people are easier to socialize than others. Curiosity is healthy.

I wish my father never hit me.

People should only smoke weed or herbal blend cigarettes.

new rules

No phone between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm unless absolutely necessary.

I do not work for free but I volunteer with joy and enthusiasm.

A vacation must be taken every season.

from the archives

I know when I know

I know my teeth are starting to rot.
Every morning I wake up and the film
lining my teeth feels like acid.

As a grown woman, I find it amusing that my mother
reminds me to shower and that my man asks for shaved legs
in order to celebrate birthdays, holidays,
anniversaries the proper way.

Sometimes I smell.
Yet I'm expected to cater.
Pigs in a blanket, mixed drinks, mood music.
It's atmospheric pressure.

Caligula knew how to party
but unfortunately lacked the skills
to communicate frustrations and
bad days at the office.

I know the disjointed quality of being human.
the desire to be good and bad in perpetuity
And I know for sure-
so sure I'd bet my rotting teeth

he's in heaven
yet another
comparatively innocent orgy.

written circa 2000
edited 2017