Thursday, February 2, 2012

The notebook

it has many features.


Manifest destiny is a wooly mammoth, a dodo bird, a saber toothed tiger.
Manifest destiny is the space between a woman's breasts. 
Manifest destiny is heroin, cocaine, opium, hashish, and rum. 
Manifest destiny is an oasis filled with flowers, and shade trees, manna and spring water. 

manifest destiny is your infant child learning to focus on your smile
manifest destiny is a toddler crawling towards the horizon

Manifest destiny is a lawn mower filled with shards of glass. Manifest destiny is a set of gold teeth. Manifest destiny is a one way Greyhound ticket and a flask of whiskey. 

What is the call of the wild? What is the name of your daughter? What is the name of your son? Where did we put all our hopes and dreams? 
Who came over in the middle of the night, and stole the last of our salted pork? Who left like a thief in the night while I slept? 
Where do the souls of all the prairie children go? 
What does one call the sickness that possesses the heart and entrances the brain? 
Who stole my dreams? Who stole my last piece of cake? 
What do you get when you cross a coyote with a bull? 
What's the name of that bar in New Mexico where the tequila is on the house? What's the name of that steak house where the kids eat free? What's the name of that city where nobody dies?