Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hola mi preciosa Eleni,

I'm hope for a nap. Home = your bed; about as close as it comes to anything proper. I looked through your stack of photos. I love how you see, what catches your eye. You are so strong and beautiful. I worry about money and work...
I'm very jealous at times, and I don't like that about myself. I guess I'm just trying to take care of my heart, because I know just how enthusiastic I am, how quickly I jump into things. ?Who are these two fellows? The one with the cigarette is an X I think. I noticed he has a ring where a marriage band would be. You mentioned once that I seem to view all your X's as bad guys who mistreated you or something. I guess I hope to treat you the best. I also hope to be treated well by you, and I am.
The best way: not babied, but challenged and trusted; there is so much I wish to say to you. I want it all! To know you, share with you... not just today and forward into the many days that lie before us, but also into the past. ?Is this silly? That when you speak of past good times, that I wish I could have been there (this is a nice pen: I'd like one for myself) That when I look at photos of you, I wish I was the one there taking them, following them by a kiss. That when you speak of hard times, confusing times, times when you're --> ---> ----> -----> -------> ------->

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Le Sigh

I'm pouting. You know why.