Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sometimes I'm just a bag of dicks.

I'm so sad right now. I don't feel like I can hold onto anything meaningful. Everything is failing. I thought I had reached a point in my maturity where I owned up to my shortcomings, but I was wrong. Attention! News flash: I still would like to blame my father for making me the fuck up that I am today. Congratulations dad. Ah sigh sigh sigh! I can't handle how bitter I am.

I'm probably never going to ever be satisfied. I'm probably never going to steer myself towards my truest desires. I don't even know what they are anymore.

I was such a freaky kid. What happened?

I'm not even Catholic and I have so much guilt. I hate feeling sorry for myself. There's so much fucking horrifying bullshit happening in this world and here I am sucking my thumb, masturbating my tiny dick of an ego. Poor me. I've got it sooooo tough. 

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