Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lady and Jeffrit Present...

4:50 AM Adrian: hello?
  I'm sending you something
 me: Hi
  I'm still up...
 Adrian: Me too
  fancy that
  just getting settled in here
4:51 AM me: me too...
 Adrian: Yay
 me: yay
 Adrian: it's nice to be home and unwind from the day
  it's important
 me: yeah.
  i agree
4:52 AM I'm tired but my knee is healing nicely
 Adrian: my nose is leaky
  I think the airplane people did something to it
 me: noses and knees
  to your nose?
 Adrian: because it wasn't leaking before
  yay knee!
  it's leaky
  I'm going to be up all night
4:53 AM me: ah....haha...maybe it's the faucet in the kitchen...not your nose!
 Adrian: I just pressed Send
  hadn't thought of that
 me: aren't you glad i'm around
4:54 AM Adrian: yes
 me: i'm smiling....
 Adrian: Oh
  That sounds nice
4:55 AM I like it when that happens
  you know... it's contagious
 me: "i'm home....I'm hOme....
 Adrian: I'm home when I'm with you my love
  I'm in this big old bed here
  and I keep trying to take up the whole thing, but I don't think I can...
  I need your help
4:56 AM me: this is funny!
 Adrian: yeah?
 me: and beautiful
 Adrian: good
  good too
 me: yah baby
 Adrian: you are beautiful
 me: great
  good too...i love the radio in the background
 Adrian: you are so very talented and intelligent, and you smell good too
4:57 AM oh, it's the TV
 me: we're working that into the play...
 Adrian: kqed
 me: you know, the non-clown play we're working on...
 Adrian: the TV
  Oh, right
  the recording into the show!
 me: :0
 Adrian: yeah... it could be a musician that Jeffrit likes
4:58 AM maybe
  I don't know
  hah... he can put it on when he's all alone
  and cry while he sings along
  in his voice
4:59 AM me: Like lady and jeffrit watch tv! But all the show theys watch, acts we perform, acting oddities, lounge singer....tele novella, characters who aren't clowns but characters...
5:00 AM Adrian: yeah
  it's a portal
 me: ah...did that make any sense?
 Adrian: one of the windows/mirrors to their world
  of course it did
  we've been collaborating for quite some time now
 me: you know how interesting that would be to watch?
5:01 AM Adrian: awe man... I really need to do Macho Tools with Natty by the end of the summer, to we have it... you must direct it, for video/film
 me: breaking the tension from one world to the next?
 Adrian: very!
 me: cool
 Adrian: you know that these chats are saved right?
 me: let's working on a video piece soon
 Adrian: we can print this all out as notes/source material
5:02 AM me: i was just wondering about that!
 Adrian: let's
  I'm looking into getting that camera fixed, getting a quote here in SF
  I should take yours in too... just to see if they can look at it, or see what we need to have it operational.
5:03 AM me: so for june we have the coffee bit we talked about....and then we need a video bit and then we have a good 45 minute show for september. "Introducing: Lady and Jeffrit..."
 Adrian: yeah... just type in chats into the search column and hit enter, and this one will come up as the last one.. but I don't know how long they stay in there
5:04 AM me: I got lady a feather duster...
 Adrian: awesome
 me: we'll just copy and paste it into an email
  good work team us
 Adrian: I need to make sure that vacuum works...
  I'm nervous about trying it inside
5:05 AM Ah
 me: yeah...then don't
 Adrian: good idea baby!
 me: get an extension cord and try it on the balcony
 Adrian: oh
  just forward it to yourself
  from when you look at it
  never mind
  it does save them
5:06 AM I just found a bunch of pretty old ones
  ok cuddles
  I have to get up in six hours
  I'll talk to you soon
5:07 AM me: we;re you able to copy and paste i;m having difficulties
 Adrian: good rehearsal just now
  Lady and Jeffrit are on their way
  Oh, I had another idea tooo
 me: me too
 Adrian: no
  don't do that
 me: what?
 Adrian: go to chats right under starred
  click there
  and there it is
  you already have it
 me: cool.
 Adrian: yup
 me: i never realized that
 Adrian: there you go
  I love gmail
 me: okay cuddles
5:08 AM Adrian: I was saying "Good Rehearsal" just now
  for real now
  you hang up
 me: who are you talking to?
 Adrian: let's hang up on three
  one two
  why didn't you hang up
  Oh... just playing out the scene
5:09 AM young lovers
 me: yes i know.
 Adrian: ah
  got caught up
  Good night Eleni.
 me: don't be...i think it's cute.
  Just don't start again...
 Adrian: oh good
 me: ;)
 Adrian: oh
 me: hahah
5:10 AM Adrian: gooood Niiiight!
  typing is funfull
 me: Mwa!
 Adrian: OOoo, Mwa!
  I don't speak alien
  or read it
 me: it was joke...
 Adrian: I've already told you this
  ah ha?
 me: read from the funful line down
 Adrian: oh
5:11 AM me: get it?
  goodnight for real...
 Adrian: oh
  I"m laughing out loud
  I get it
5:12 AM me: Yea!
 Adrian: you are so funny
 me: i stop it...
  that didn't make any sense.
  are you calling me?
 Adrian: yes
5:13 AM me: My phone's across the room
 Adrian: you didn't answer
  too far to get to
 me: i'm in bed! talking to my friend on the computer
 Adrian: I was just laughing so hard I wanted you to hear it
 me: i can't carry two conversations at once
 Adrian: well, good!
  goood night!
  to your friend too!
5:14 AM oh
  stop it
  my stomach is hurting
 me: heehee
 Adrian: I love you so much
  you are a joy
  a blessing in my life
  thank you
 me: i'll get up and call to say goodnight in about ten minutes...but for now i'm signing off.
 Adrian: I am so lucky
  me too
 me: you too babe

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